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Land wanted

Chesterman Homes is interested in your land and property – even if you don’t have planning permission. We have a proven track record of submitting successful planning applications that tick all the boxes for local planning authorities and local communities.

Chesterman Homes can make independent decisions on the potential of your land because we have the funds ready to invest in opportunities, and work closely with our clients to ensure maximum return for all parties.

Avoid estate agents’ fees – you could save £10k or more on estate agents’ fees.

If you are tempted to sell, but haven’t quite made up your mind, contact us before you phone an estate agent.


What sort of land will we purchase?

One of the benefits of property development is that our projects are so diverse. We will consider all types of properties and we do pay a finders’ fees.

Land and gardens

If you have a garden that is too big to manage, or you think it is large enough for a property to be built on it, please contact us today. We will purchase land including gardens, collaboration gardens, disused land and wasteland. The beauty of our work is that each project is unique. It is surprising how even a small area of land to the side of your house, or at the end of your garden, can be perfect for a building plot.

Commercial property

Commercial properties often have huge development potential. We recently converted an old restaurant into three stunning brand-new dwellings. There is a high demand for housing nationally, and while employment space must also be protected, if you discover an empty office which has the potential to be converted into living space, then contact us today.

Residential property

If you know of a property that may be suitable for development, please get in touch: we offer a finder’s fee. We are interested in all properties, including bungalows, apartments, modern and traditional properties. Please see our portfolio of latest properties.


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