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Selling your garden


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How do I sell my garden?

There are several ways to unlock the potential in your home. Releasing equity is one option.

However, there may be a better option. Your garden shed and flowerbeds might be sitting on an untapped financial opportunity. This is where Chesterman Homes can help you – we work with many homeowners to unlock the potential in their homes.

Imagine how it would feel to enjoy more financial freedom, to take early retirement or go on a world cruise…

The Chesterman Homes process is simpler than you might think – see our six simple steps on the the right.

So the next time you are mowing your lawn, mending your garden fence, or planting bulbs, just think: do I understand the true value that my garden holds?

Contact Chesterman Homes for a free, no-obligation valuation today.

Avoid estate agents’ fees – you could save £10k or more on estate agents’ fees.

If you are tempted to sell, but haven’t quite made up your mind, contact us before you phone an estate agent.


Sell your garden in six simple steps


You contact Chesterman Homes to explore the idea further.




If you are wondering whether your garden is the right size for a new build, but you’re not quite sure, please contact us today. We can let you know one way or the other. Many of our clients are surprised by how much potential there is in their land.



Chesterman Homes visits you to complete site survey

Chesterman Homes visits you to complete a site survey.


Once we have carried out a site survey, we will be able to let you know the potential we believe your home holds, and of any possible issues that may arise – all free of obligation.





Chesterman Homes make an offer with an agreed price

Chesterman Homes makes you an offer of an agreed price.


You are under no obligation to accept our offer. If you choose not to, you would owe us nothing.



Chesterman Homes applies for planning permission

Chesterman Homes applies for planning permission.

Once our offer has been agreed by you, we will draw up an option agreement that protects both you and Chesterman Homes. We will then apply for planning permission.



Once planning permission is granted, Chesterman Homes pays

Once planning permission has been granted, Chesterman Homes pays you.

Once planning permission has been granted, Chesterman Homes will then pay you. The world is your oyster!


The build commences

The build commences.


Chesterman Homes will then begin to build the property in your garden, observing all the points agreed in the planning process.



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