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Probate sales


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Probate sales

The Chesterman Homes team has years of experience in valuing probate properties across the south of England. We are experienced in increasing the value of estates by developing the property or its garden.

We provide an easy, fast solution for executors who wish to sell probate property or land. We understand that you want to sell as quickly as possible, and we highly recommend our panel of probate solicitors.

Chesterman Homes is the best option for your probate sale because we are experts in unlocking the potential of probate properties. We will value your property based on its potential to develop the back garden. We will also refurbish the property where required.

We will provide you with a free valuation, and can find out whether there is scope for planning permission to add value to your property.

Avoid estate agents’ fees and having to waste precious time trawling through property websites.


What is a probate sale? 

After a death, the term ‘probate’ is used to describe the process that an executor goes through to obtain a probate grant, which allows them to sell a property. The task also includes handling inheritance tax affairs, pensions, bank accounts and managing the expectations of beneficiaries. Obtaining probate can take a year or more.

This is where Chesterman Homes can help. We are able to advise where we can unlock hidden potential in your probate property, and we can guide you through the simple steps required in order to manage the asset most efficiently.


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